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By sending out information through our website you agree that your information may be saved on our web-based service and electric systems. 

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Konepaja Stamac Oy, Mainostoimisto Riima Oy, DL Data Oy

Zoner Oy, Microsoft Oy

1. Holder of the register
Konepaja Stamac Oy
Mestarintie 5
Business ID: FI11031478
Tel: +358 20 766 9300

2. Queries regarding the register
Our customer service will answer any register related questions and feedback as quickly as possible.

3. Name of the register
Client, marketing and newsletter subscriber register of Konepaja Stamac Oy.

4. Purpose of handling personal information
The purpose of handling personal information is to maintain customer relationships, to execute the rights and duties of the client and the register holder as well as handling personal information in accordance with the Personal Data Act for the purposes of providing web services, conducting research or targeting advertising and/or direct marketing of the register holder and/or partners of the registry holder based on client information through the register holder’s messaging or services without releasing any information to third parties.

5. Content of the register
The register may contain the following client information:
Email address
Mobile and/or other phone number
Organization and job title
Address of the organization
Communications log

6. Regular sources of information for the register
The register will contain information sources from the client record system, freely available internet sources, and other public sources as applicable. Any sources of address have been separately specified in the case they originate from outside the client record system.

7. Regular release of information
The register holder will not release any information to third parties, excluding any requests by the Finnish authorities.

8. Removing information
Information can be removed from the register following a request from an individual or due to the termination of the client relationship.

9. Principles of protecting the register
All personal information is kept strictly confidential. The web-based and hardware facilities of the register holder and any possible IT partners, hosting the register, have been protected by a firewall and any other applicable technical means.

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Konepaja Stamac Oy
Mestarintie 5
Tel. +358 20 766 9300