List of equipment and state-of-the-art machinery

Stamac’s machinery is modern and versatile, allowing us to offer our clients a wide range of machining services with competitive pricing and high quality. Our versatile machinery enables us to deliver different machining products for industrial purposes as a subcontractor. Our delivery volume ranges from one-off jobs to serial productions of several thousands.

We are happy to deliver the products with surface finishing or as assembled, following the client’s requirements.

Wide range of CNC-controlled machinery for different phases of machining

The newest additions to our machinery are multitasking machine Okuma Multus U4000 and vertical milling center Doosan Mynx 7500.

Check our list of equipment below and get in touch.

Multitasking machines (11 pcs)

Multitasking machines allow efficient, process-based machining as well as fast and efficient chip removal by combining turning with 5 to 9 axis multitasking machining. The efficient milling head enables one-chuck multi-sided machining for complex shapes.

  • Max movement D600 / L=2000
  • 5 and 9-axis
  • Partially equipped with steady rest max D320

CNC lathes (16 pcs)

Our CNC lathes allow us to prepare custom products or series of thousands of machining products with very flexible schedules.

  • Max movement D800/L2000
  • 3 pcs equipped with a bar feeder
  • 3 pcs steady rest device
  • Rotating tools

Bed type milling machines (3 pcs)

Bed type milling machines have been designed for extremely demanding machining jobs. They can be adjusted to any client requirements both in terms of sizing as well as equipment.

  • Max movement X=4000 Y=1300 Z=1500
  • Automatic milling heads
  • Rotary table, 4th axis (3 pcs) Max D=800

Vertical milling centers (6 pcs)

The vertical milling centers we use are particularly suitable for product development, allowing us to meet a wide range of different client requirements.

  • Max movement X=2600 Y=800 Z=750
  • Pyöröpöytä 4:s akseli 3 kpl. Max D=500
  • Rotary table, 4th axis (3 pcs) Max D=500

Horizontal milling centers (5 pcs)

Our wide selection of horizontal milling centers will have a suitable edge for every production process and machining product.

  • Max movement X=950 Y=900 Z=800
  • Pallet sizes 630×630 (3pcs) and 500×500 (2 pcs)
  • Pallet container (3 pcs)

Robot machining cells (12 pcs)

Robotization allows us to manufacture one-off applications as per the client requirements. In order to arrive with the best robot machining solutions, we always work closely together with the client.

  • Material maximum Diameter 400mm
  • Max length 2000
  • Casting max 30 kg.
  • The cells are equipped with lathes, milling machines and multitasking machines

CMMs (3 pcs)

Our highly trained staff and state-of-the-art 3D CMMs guarantee high-quality and on-time deliveries.

  • NC max movement X=2000 Y=1000 Z=900
  • NC max movement X=2000 Y=1000 Z=900
  • ARM type CMM D1200

Software for production

Production software used is suitable for e.g. NC programming for machining by chip removal.

  • Gibbs-Cam
  • Surf-Cam
  • Solid Edge

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