ISO9001 quality management system and Stamac

The ISO 9001 quality management system is one of the world’s most renowned quality management standards. Its core objectives are continual development of the business operations, maintaining standards of the working environment and increasing client satisfaction. Stamac improved its operations by using the 5S method. We were ISO9001 certified in 2013. The objectives that have been set will be achieved with a well-trained and motivated staff using relevant and effective machinery and equipment in a functional working environment. The ISO9001 certification is a demonstration of how we strive to continuously and systematically develop our business in accordance to the standards.

The ISO 9001 certification for sustainable business performance

After the actions executed for the ISO9001 certification, productivity and effectivity have improved remarkably at Stamac. The certification helps us to reduce the risk of error, thus reducing expenses, the benefit of which we can then direct to the clients.
Central themes to sustainable business performance include:
– reliability
– client satisfaction
– continual development and improvement of business operations
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ISO9001 certification – the machine shop of happy clients

The certification guarantees our clients that we are able to fulfill their requirements and expectations. Simultaneously customer trust and satisfaction regarding our company and the products we deliver has improved. Our competitiveness has increased significantly since our clients demanded a certification of leadership and quality control. Find out more about our business and join the happy clients of Stamac.

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