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Konepaja Stamac Oy

A machine shop that serves in Seinäjoki

- The experts of machining at your service

Our machine shop concentrates on metal-removing machining. Milling and lathing are done at modern machining stations. We actively develop production methods to meet the needs of our customers and manufacture the fixing and accessory devices that we need ourselves.

Long-term customer relationships at the core

We strive towards long-term customer relationships and work with our customers in close co-operation. Our goal is to find cost savings for our customers by developing the manufacturability and manufacturing methods of products all the way from the product development and prototype production stage.

The further treatment of raw materials done competitively

Companies that provide raw materials and their pre-treatment operate in our immediate vicinity in Seinäjoki. We can offer further treatment for these productions with high quality and reliable delivery. Thanks to these co-operative partners, we can offer customers the entire manufacturing chain of the product at a competitive price.

Service provision with up-to-date equipment

Our service selection includes different kinds of machining jobs. We have a diverse stock of machinery at our disposal, which makes the manufacturing of both small and large pieces possible.

Production facilities at Kapernaumi in Seinäjoki

Our production is done in two halls, with a total floor area of nearly 5000 m². Around 50 people work at our machine shop, most of whom are working as machinists and in quality control. Our turnover is nearly 10 million euros. Read more about the company.

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